You Must Not Panic When These Factors Increase Your Weight Drastically

Don’t underestimate the depression and stress that you feel. It could be that this is the main cause of weight gain suddenly. The body’s response to dealing with stress on each person will be different. Most people will probably make food as an escape from the stress and pressure they feel. The more he feels depressed, the more food he eats without regard to his health condition. This is of course dangerous because a person who is experiencing stress usually doesn’t realize how much food he has eaten and results in sudden weight gain. Therefore you must maintain your mental health, improve your physical condition, and you might also read the resurge review to find an effective type of weight loss supplement for yourself.

Then, fatigue can be the reason why your weight increases dramatically. Various studies suggest that people who experience sleep deprivation tend to be overweight compared to people who get enough sleep. This is because people who lack sleep will experience an increase in the hormone leptin in their bodies. This leptin hormone plays a role in producing fullness and helps regulate appetite. When the leptin hormone is too high, the body will experience a disturbance in the perception of feeling full. The body will feel less full even after eating a lot.

In addition, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) generally affects the function of a woman’s ovaries with irregular menstrual symptoms and difficulty getting pregnant. Women with PCOS will usually experience sudden weight gain. This weight gain can be seen in the hips and enlarged hips. This is caused by changes in reproductive hormones that are not normal and affect the levels of fat in the body.

Finally, weight gain is not only due to food intake that is too much. Maybe you feel you don’t eat much but your weight rises suddenly and you experience swelling in some parts of your body, such as your legs and arms. This can be caused by a buildup of fluid in the body that is usually caused by heart and kidney problems. But do not panic first because of sudden weight gain, because you can check and consult yourself to the doctor for handling and returning your normal weight.

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