You Must Know This To Make Strong Passwords

When you create a password, you must be creative in doing so. One way is to use numbers. The numbers on the keyboard are generally only 10 digits (0-9), if you have an account with a password that is all just numbers, it will be very easy for someone to find the account password using the brute-force method. Just imagine, if you create a password with numbers totaling 10 characters, the only password to try is 9,999,999,999 and it will be very quickly solved by the hacker’s computer. Then, if the hacker damaged your computer system severely, we recommend you to bring it to Computer Repair Reno.

In addition, do not ever use a single password for all your accounts, Why? because if someone has found the password for one of your accounts, then the same person has found all your account passwords. There are many ways that a person found your password, it could be that person is someone from a website that you have registered with the same password as another account password.

Finally, passwords that are easily memorized will make it easier for us to enter passwords and minimize the occurrence of forgetting passwords. A unique password will secure your account so that it is not easy to be routed by the computer. By creating passwords that are easily memorized and unique, our passwords will be strong and easy to remember.

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