Two Categories of Vitamins

There are so many products that you see at stores. You may consume one of them regularly. Many of people are interested in some of health products. One of popular health product that people consume every single day is supplement read full article.

Some of people are worrying about their health and they want to improve their immune systems as well. Therefore, they always want to buy some of vitamins to boost their immune systems. We have to know some of basic knowledge about vitamins. In this article we share good information about vitamins. There are two categories of vitamins and you need to know both of them equally. The very first information that we share with you in this article is about our bodies and their parts.

You have to know that our bodies have fat tissues and some of vitamins are stored in our fatty tissues. Most of doctors call those vitamins as fat soluble vitamins because they are stored in your fatty tissues. They are vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and also vitamin K. Our bodies can absorb them easier than other kind of vitamins. So, if you have some of issues with those vitamins then we suggest you to make a consult with a nutritionist.

A nutritionist understands about the functions of vitamins and nutrients. A nutritionist can also check your body and she or he may find the proper vitamin or nutrient for your body. Most of professional nutritionists can also give some of health plans for their patients. The second category of vitamin is called as nine water soluble vitamins because they are not stored in our fatty tissues. Some of them will come out of our bodies through our urine. There is only one type of this category that last a little bit longer in our liver’s system and that vitamin is called B12.

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