Tips To Keep Your Body Warm In Winter

Various diseases such as colds, flu to dengue fever also lurk before our eyes. Therefore, we must be able to maintain our health to stay in shape and be able to carry out our daily activities as well as possible. Have you ever wondered why we catch the flu more often when we get wet from the rain? Researchers found that a cold body, especially the feet, can cause flu symptoms to appear in someone who is already susceptible to the flu virus. When the body tries to keep ourselves warm, it restricts blood flow to our feet including the nose. This makes a cold nose a favorite spot for many viruses. Therefore, we have to make sure we are protected by wearing warm clothes when the rainy season arrives or by using heating and air columbia sc to stay warm.

Vitamin C, either in its natural form or as a dietary supplement can help speed up recovery from the flu virus. Although it is still debated among doctors whether vitamin C is a cure for colds, adequate intake of vitamin C can strengthen the body’s resistance so that we are not susceptible to flu. Try to eat foods containing vitamin C such as red and green peppers, papayas, and pineapples so that we don’t fall sick easily. Taking a warm shower after being caught in the rain will slowly increase our body temperature. This method can also help us get rid of germs and protect us from infection. Apart from bathing, we can also soak our feet in warm water.

Besides tasting good, consuming warm drinks in the rainy season is also very good for our health. We can consume green tea or hot chocolate. Besides, we can also try a bowl of hot soup to keep our body temperature warm. This method can make us not young to experience colds or infections that can occur due to sudden changes in body temperature. During the rainy season, people are more likely to stay indoors and close the windows to keep warm. Even though this may seem comfortable, germs are more likely to spread so we need to keep the environment we live in clean.

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