The Success of Advertising Campaigns in the Decision Making Process of Prospective Customers

Globalization and technology are two words that have had a lot of impacts and have brought changes or developments to marketing strategies in the business environment. With the openness of information brought about by the winds of globalization, business actors are required to understand the competitive arena more deeply and creatively by taking advantage of various technological advances that make it easier to reach information to the public. Then, what is ott advertising? You can find out on our website.

In this regard, one of the communication tools that greatly utilizes advances in information technology is advertising or advertising. Effectively advertising can be used by agencies to influence public perceptions and preferences for product or service offerings, which in turn are expected to influence the decision-making process in choosing their product or service. In this case, the information displayed in product advertisements must be able to compete with various competitor product advertisements.

From the consumer side, advertising itself is seen as a medium for providing information about the capabilities, prices, product functions, and other attributes related to a product. In this regard, there will be very little chance for a product to be chosen by a potential customer even though it offers a quality product if it is not informed of its existence.

This is unlikely because the advertisement displayed can serve as a reminder of the importance of an offer so that it can make consumers think about the product being offered. Advertisements displayed are no longer only informing the products offered but also as part of the company’s image strategy. Thus, the phenomenon that can now be noticed is that the competition that occurs in the college advertising arena has led to image competition. Seeing the importance of this advertisement for its marketing success, it is not surprising that currently there are many college advertisements in print media.

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