Do You Know These Smaller Variants Of Elephant Grass?

There Are some smaller variants of elephant grass. One of them is the mini elephant grass. This type of grass is often chosen by interior designers because of the right size for various home garden designs, especially on small, minimalist home yards. This type of grass has a unique character, namely a sideways growth pattern. So, the size of the leaves is not high and slopes sideways which makes it unnecessary regular pruning. Many people make mini elephant grass their favorite type of grass because they do not require much maintenance, are weather-resistant, and are affordable. If you want to plant this grass on your lawn, you can hire Kent Ohio Residential Lawn Care Services.

In addition, mini variegated elephant grass is also called mini white elephant grass. When viewed from its size, the variegated type of elephant grass has the same size as ordinary mini elephant grass, it’s just that there are white lines on this type of variegated elephant grass. In terms of characteristics, mini variegated elephant grass is also resistant to weather and minimal maintenance. However, because of its unique shape, this type of grass is generally slightly more expensive than the usual miniature elephant grass.

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