4 Bad Effects Habits Of Storing Many Items

We may often feel reluctant to throw away an item or give it to someone else because the item has a lot of memories or gifts from someone special. It is still considered normal. But if someone acts extraordinary and sacrifices comfort is a sign of mental illness or ‘hoarding disorders’. As a result, if we want to store goods in www.self-storage-hk.com/ we don’t have enough space and are even willing to rent new self-storage.

The severity of this disease will make the sufferer sacrifice himself. Besides influencing emotions, this overloaded item is a ‘burden’ which can affect physical health and productivity. These 4 side effects will be experienced by the habit practitioner. This is a danger if someone has a ‘hoarder’ habit or is too much to save a lot of things.

1. An atmosphere that encourages stress
If you can save a lot of things, there might be something more ‘safe’ because you don’t need to go out to buy more. When to use it, everything is available. But if the item is still maintained even 4-5 years but has never been used directly!

The house will become increasingly full. It will affect the body, mental, and physical after a day of work becomes crowded. Little by little, the pressure from excessive things becomes our passion to start our daily routine. Our daily routine will be interrupted by too much stuff somewhere.

2. Encouraging Excessive Habits
The habit of collecting a lot of these items is also for our food. Studies have proven that this is one of the causes that cause us to overeat. A lively atmosphere makes a person feel stressed and likes to eat to feel more comfortable. Besides, encourage the tendency to eat non-nutritious comfort foods that can make to calm down.

3. Less Productive
Stacks of goods not only make our eyes hurt but hold our minds to work. Imagine if you see hundreds of email inboxes that have made us stressed, not to mention the goods in plain sight. When stacked, it’s more difficult to focus on the work at hand. The stacking environment causes good mental health. That’s the conclusion that can be made from a study conducted to identify the relationship of stress with the work environment.

4. Social Isolation
People who like to get a lot of this item will not only have problems with themselves, but the effect will also be felt by family members. When forced to ‘hide’ under a pile, family members will not only feel ‘weak’ but also emotional. Even more seriously, this discomfort makes it difficult for people to read the rest of their lives in their lives.

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