In the internet, many new bookmakers interested in everything about sports and social events. But there are others that get closer and offer the opportunity for people to go beyond. Many of those sites are the well-known betting sites. Why betting sites? Because of they give the chances of being in touch with everything that is going on with sports and any event. Gamblers (people who are constantly on betting sites) are all over the internet looking for the best betting sites for they bet on their favorite teams and players.
In the UK, betting is well demanded and is in this country where there are more gamblers. Why? UK people are very fan of sports and betting on football, Tennis, etc. gives them a mayor enthusiasm. UK football betting sites every year celebrate the famous English football tournament, the FA Cup. During the season of this tournament, new betting sites offer the best promotions and bonuses to attract the best gamblers. And UK gamblers constantly look for the best promotions due to this tournament means everything for them. But, what really is this FA Cup?

FA Cup is the initial for Football Association Challenge Cup, and it is worldwide known as the oldest competition of football. In this tournament competes all the teams that participate in the Premier League and other teams from all England and Wales.That is why UK gamblers all over betting sites for this cup. New betting sites offer even £30 for free bets for this cup, and sometimes they also give welcome bonuses for those new gamblers. Additionally, as this cup is annual, new betting sites wants to give the best experience for gamblers and they always offer the incredible option of In-play betting or live streaming, so gamblers will not lose anything about the FA Cup.